Through the window

Apophysis fractal … also and older one but evergreen … or white and green and blue and red, at least …

Fruit Salad

Apophysis fractal … nice and bright. 🙂

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Deepest ocean

Whoops, missed another day! Today’s image is an Apophysis fractal with some Photoshop magic on a picture of a whale, which was then “painted” in Corel Painter X.

Focus on the Fractal

Apophysis fractal with text added in Photoshop. It just looks like a camera lens to me, so I copied the info from my Kodak for a bit of authenticity…

Spire Fantasy

A modge-podge of images from many different programs! We have an Apophysis fractal in the form of the spire in the background as well as the foreground. Photoshop brushes for the galaxies and planets by Sunira. Poser for the girl and the unicorn and the bubbles. Photoshop to combine all that. And finally Project Dogwaffle… Continue reading Spire Fantasy