Ahead of the storm

Vue render with a bit of Photoshop postwork. Full view download here. I’ve been offline for a while – been sick and working while sick, so making pictures and updating this blog was the last thing on my to-do list. Still not back to 100% but soldiering on, lol!


… from the primordial soup … Vue render with a bit of Photoshop work for splashes, stars and the like. I bought TerraPak for Vue and was experimenting when this idea popped up… Full view (1680x1050px) here.

Sunset on Floe

Vue render – made a couple of years ago but I still remember what a struggle it was to render it to any decent size. Finally learned to remove unneeded polygons ruthlessly, and to really cut down on the subsurface scattering…

Deepest ocean

Whoops, missed another day! Today’s image is an Apophysis fractal with some Photoshop magic on a picture of a whale, which was then “painted” in Corel Painter X.