Dinner for two

Been a while since I posted. Can’t be bothered most days. Anyway, the picture today is a Vue render with a bit of postwork in Photoshop and Picasa. In other news, the new year has finally started, work is still a bit slow but I’m hoping it will pick up soon. It’s a beautiful January… Continue reading Dinner for two

Lakeside morning

Vue render, no postwork. Full view here. If you’re observant you may notice that this picture and the previous one is of the exact same spot – I just changed the atmosphere, added water, removed the maize 🙂 Been a busy week, worked in the shop every day from 9am to 5:30pm. And cutting stuff… Continue reading Lakeside morning

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Farm Road

Vue render, no postwork. Full view here. I stumbled home exhausted from work … and made this. Took two evenings, in fact. Going to get some sleep now.


Been playing. Poser render, postwork in Photoshop. Full view here. Had a great day with Ricardo and friends Nico and Mariska at the Lowveld Botanical Gardens today. It’s been a cold rainy week and today was just glorious sunshine – of course I look a bit lobsterish at the moment but it was worth it.… Continue reading Guard

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Desert Breath

Vue render with a tiny bit of Photoshop postwork. It’s been ages since I had the time to even consider working on a pic – finally stole a few minutes today and completed this one. Full view here. Been very busy with cutting work and shop work etc etc. And it’s finally summer – we’ve… Continue reading Desert Breath

Found on Forest’s Edge

I keep forgetting to post my images here when they’re done. This one is a Vue render of some Poser figures postworked with Dogwaffle and Photoshop. Full view here. Been rather busy with cutting work and shop work and a personal life (finally). Things to do and places to go, what a concept.


I wanted to work on this all week and only got time for it today… Modelled the set in Amorphium. Rendered it in layers (background, plants, bird) in Poser. Drew background plants with Project Dogwaffle. Then combined the lot in Photoshop and played a little 🙂 Waterfall from Nanus Waterfall Alpha-planes for Vue (they make… Continue reading Egret


This one is a nice mix of programs again. I posed the figure in Poser, imported into Vue where I had to work very hard on textures for the clothing and props. Vue took care of the landscape, plants and sky. I then took the render to Photoshop for retouching and special effects. The bubbles… Continue reading Manitou

Still Flyin’ 2

An update of my Still Flyin’ pic – I wanted to extend the island into the water, and the atmosphere wouldn’t cooperate so it became something else entirely. But I think it looks nice anyway, Full view here.