Mosquito Hunting

<An entry for the Real Hitchhiker’s Guide> The Earth, although mostly harmless, is infested in places with some very irritating life-forms (excluding humans). As an alien visitor you can choose to avoid these places, but if you absolutely have to see them, here are a few tips about mosquito-hunting. The irritation level caused by mosquitoes… Continue reading Mosquito Hunting

Frog Serenade

On a hot summer night, humid and sleepy, the pond and its surroundings resound with amphibian revelry. Marveling at the many tones and patterns, I sneak out with a torch to get a look at the members of the chorus. As I step close the chorus falls silent, and in the light a dozen pairs… Continue reading Frog Serenade

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I’ve been a Fanatics book club member for years, so when they sent me a letter about their new online shop I checked it out. They gave a R50 voucher for first purchase so I ordered the Avatar soundtrack cd. At checkout there was an error. Two days later the money went off my credit… Continue reading Beware!

Meet the Zazen Studio

I’ve been working the last 3 days on a new website for Zazen Studio. I’ve been staying in the Studio while working on the site and it’s been a great experience. Go see the website for photos of the Studio. It offers beautiful and tranquil accommodation in the Gauteng area. Close to Sandton, Randburg and… Continue reading Meet the Zazen Studio

Dinner for two

Been a while since I posted. Can’t be bothered most days. Anyway, the picture today is a Vue render with a bit of postwork in Photoshop and Picasa. In other news, the new year has finally started, work is still a bit slow but I’m hoping it will pick up soon. It’s a beautiful January… Continue reading Dinner for two

Lakeside morning

Vue render, no postwork. Full view here. If you’re observant you may notice that this picture and the previous one is of the exact same spot – I just changed the atmosphere, added water, removed the maize 🙂 Been a busy week, worked in the shop every day from 9am to 5:30pm. And cutting stuff… Continue reading Lakeside morning

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Farm Road

Vue render, no postwork. Full view here. I stumbled home exhausted from work … and made this. Took two evenings, in fact. Going to get some sleep now.