Focus on the Fractal

Apophysis fractal with text added in Photoshop. It just looks like a camera lens to me, so I copied the info from my Kodak for a bit of authenticity…

Tasting the wind

A Vue 6 Esprit render. I love doing silhouettes! I’m also quite happy with the quality of light in this one … something about the back-lighting of the grass and the leaves.


Residuum: Something left after other parts have been taken away. Poser render, background rendered with Vue 6 Esprit. I see I’ve managed to skip two days, somehow. Don’t know how that happened.

The Interlude

Micha Swift, my character from Neverwinter Nights 2, takes a break from dangerous adventuring for an afternoon. Poser render.

Growing up

Once upon a time the world was mine. With a snap of my fingers it would appear. With a blink of my eye the sun would rise, with another, night would draw near. My world was amazing; it could change in a wink from a spaceship to a schoolroom and then to a farm where… Continue reading Growing up


A Poser render … the idea being that these two are both too young to know that they’re supposed to be enemies. And I wanted to try and capture a bit of that “wide eyed wonder” that you see so often in young animals and in some young-at-heart people.

Hide and seek

A DAZ|Studio render with a Vue render as backdrop. Apart from the Vue backdrop, everything else used in this picture were freebies. What an awesome community the content creators are!

Spire Fantasy

A modge-podge of images from many different programs! We have an Apophysis fractal in the form of the spire in the background as well as the foreground. Photoshop brushes for the galaxies and planets by Sunira. Poser for the girl and the unicorn and the bubbles. Photoshop to combine all that. And finally Project Dogwaffle… Continue reading Spire Fantasy


My dream was thus: A wooded glade, and moonlight streaming down like scarves of silk, so delicate, through trees and leaves and to the ground. I saw a figure sleeping there, stretched in the fragrant grass: She wore my face and in repose looked pale and cold and fair. Then from the east a movement… Continue reading Dream

Here we go again…

Lovely WordPress’s automatic upgrade to 2.7.1 killed my blog quite thoroughly. As my last backup was sometime in April last year (yeah yeah) and WordPress 2.7 doesn’t seem to want to import SQL backups in any case, I’ve decided to just start from scratch. I don’t much care in any case. So to get things… Continue reading Here we go again…