Meet the Zazen Studio

I’ve been working the last 3 days on a new website for Zazen Studio. I’ve been staying in the Studio while working on the site and it’s been a great experience. Go see the website for photos of the Studio. It offers beautiful and tranquil accommodation in the Gauteng area. Close to Sandton, Randburg and… Continue reading Meet the Zazen Studio


The cool thing about a camera that can zoom 15x optically (Sony H50), is that you can take photos of critters that otherwise would be flying away at your approach …


The Crocodile river having a grand time at the falls in the Lowveld Botanical Gardens. Photo taken March 15th. It’s a good time to visit, the rivers are flowing, the bush is green (except at our place, where it hasn’t rained much at all) and the weather is lovely.

Growing Hearts

Sweet little plant growing on a rock in the bush … I have to admit, my mom planted it there, but it looks very happy. I’ve got a new website job, which is cool. Just waiting on my client for specs and ideas and graphics, and then I’ll give it a go. Otherwise my life… Continue reading Growing Hearts

Light Stack

A close-up photo of some Perspex / plexiglass squares – offcuts from a laser cutting job. I was playing with the black&white settings on my camera.