African Grey

Vue render, rather a lot of postwork to smooth out feathers. Full view here.

Still Flyin’

Vue render – took a while to get the render settings just right, but I’m quite happy with the end result. Using the awesome Spitfire model by Anders Lejczak Full view here.

A Girl Dragon

Vue render … soft blur in post with Picasa. Been a busy week, I’ve been out working or otherwise every single day this week. Lots of laser cutting as well as working in the shop. Also had to brush up my Powerpoint skills to help someone do a presentation. And it’s been raining since last… Continue reading A Girl Dragon

Take 5

Vue render .. an extrmely long process to get everything just right! Many thanks to my friend Haarsha for allowing me to keep fiddling with it during her visit! Mirrors and reflections make you work twice as hard 🙂 You have to consider the back view too! I modelled the skirt in Blender and used… Continue reading Take 5


Wow, where did June disappear to? I blinked, and it was gone! Had a birthday, a number of dates with my “just a friend” Ricardo, did a bit of work, played all through NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer (yet again) and attempted various pictures with very little success. This one rendered today while I was… Continue reading Daydreaming

Jungle River

Vue render … learned a lot about the new material zones on terrains as well as ecosystems. Soft focus applied post with Picasa. Full view here.