Afternoon Flight

Afternoon Flight

Over the ruins of Nuaponec, an ancient city once held to be the legendary city of fool’s gold. Re-discovered in 1892 by Joe Smith, a coal shoveler on the airship Gigantic, the city is now a regular tour stop in the Americas.

The best way to view it now, as then, is by air, and Ancient Aztec Airliners (AAA), established 1903, provides the most luxurious adventure trip for the discerning traveller.

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All that said, this is a Vue render with rather a lot of postwork done in Photoshop. It’s given me a lot of grief too – I had to render it in layers because my quad-core, 8Gb RAM, 64-bit computer simply could not render the thing in one go. Sigh. So this is not exactly the image I had in mind when I started 🙂

Full view here.

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