Bats are nocturnal

An older pic … posed in Poser, rendered with Vue and painted with Painter X – this is one panel of a one-page comic strip that I made once. It’s not really batman, the costume is all wrong, but ah well, it was fun to do. 🙂

Tasting the wind

A Vue 6 Esprit render. I love doing silhouettes! I’m also quite happy with the quality of light in this one … something about the back-lighting of the grass and the leaves.


Residuum: Something left after other parts have been taken away. Poser render, background rendered with Vue 6 Esprit. I see I’ve managed to skip two days, somehow. Don’t know how that happened.

The Interlude

Micha Swift, my character from Neverwinter Nights 2, takes a break from dangerous adventuring for an afternoon. Poser render.

Growing up

Once upon a time the world was mine. With a snap of my fingers it would appear. With a blink of my eye the sun would rise, with another, night would draw near. My world was amazing; it could change in a wink from a spaceship to a schoolroom and then to a farm where… Continue reading Growing up


A Poser render … the idea being that these two are both too young to know that they’re supposed to be enemies. And I wanted to try and capture a bit of that “wide eyed wonder” that you see so often in young animals and in some young-at-heart people.

Hide and seek

A DAZ|Studio render with a Vue render as backdrop. Apart from the Vue backdrop, everything else used in this picture were freebies. What an awesome community the content creators are!