Good Morning

Good Morning

I’m so behind the times … I finally got Vue 7 Esprit (at a discount 😉 ) as well as the Ecosystem and EcoPainter modules. This is my first official render with it, and I worked on it about 3 days, in between actual work, that is.

Vue 7 renders much much quicker than Vue 6, so for the first time ever I could use Global Illumination and still finish a render in just over an hour.

Another cool thing is that with the latest update you can now “paint” material zones directly onto objects … so what used to be almost impossible – road tracks on a terrain – was now just a case of drawing two lines and setting the corresponding materials.

And then of course there’s the awesomeness of “painting” your ecosystem the way you want it, and the ease and realism of dynamic populations.

Is it obvious that I’m happy with my new software? LOL, I just wish I had more time to play!

Full view here.

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